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The Fairtrade logo on the side of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk means a better deal for farmers in developing countries and more joy in every bar.

Fairtrade is a certification system that makes sure farmers are paid a designated fair price. It also reinvests in the communities to help them with social, economic and environmental sustainability projects.

The Fairtrade coco that Cadbury buys comes from Ghana and makes a huge difference to 85,000 farmers. Last year we sold over 7 million chocolate products in New Zealand, which is more than 60% of New Zealand’s Fairtrade chocolate sales.

How significant is this? Well, it’s effectively doubled New Zealand’s Fairtrade sales. That’s great news if you’re one of the 91% of Kiwi’s who are keen to support companies that pay farmers in developing countries fair prices.

After all, when you know good farmers are being looked after and fairly paid, the chocolate just tastes more delicious.

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