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The magic of
Cadbury Dairy Milk

The journey to deliciousness starts when we harvest unassuming little cocoa pods. We split them open (gently of course) and then ferment and dry both the bean and pulp. The chocolate maker then roasts the beans, stripping them down to just cocoa solid and cocoa butter. This is ground into something called cocoa mass. This we blend with milk and sugar to form chocolate liquor, which is then evaporated to make chocolate crumb. Sounds good doesn’t it? But hang on, we’re only half way there.

The crumb is mixed with more chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and other ingredients before ‘conching’, which is a fancy word for mixing and beating the liquid to ensure it has the right flavour. After that it’s tempered, which is a delicate process of mixing and cooling the chocolate under precise conditions. So as you can see, it takes a lot of work to make our chocolate. But we think the end result is amazingly good.

It’s also amazing to think that chocolate wasn’t always made with milk. It wasn’t until 1905 when Cadbury figured out that adding an equivalent glass and a half of dairy goodness to every 200g block was the way to go. And along with the milk, the other thing that makes our chocolate taste so good is the use of only Fairtrade certified ingredients in our Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. (We think it’s only fair).

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