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  • Why is CADBURY reducing the pack size of its family blocks but the price is the same?

    We are making a change to the size of our CADBURY family blocks range because of manufacturing cost increases that we can no longer absorb. We are not changing the taste, quality or recipe that people love.

  • Could you have done anything else besides decrease the size?

    We had to make a choice – increase the price we recommend to our retailers or change the size. We wanted to maintain the taste and quality while keeping CADBURY family blocks affordable as we know how important it is to people to maintain their shopping budget.

  • Is Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade chocolate?

    Yes it is. The Fairtrade cocoa that Cadbury buys comes from Ghana and makes a huge difference to 85,000 farmers. Last year we sold over 7 million chocolate products in New Zealand, which is more than 60% of New Zealand’s Fairtrade chocolate sales. After all, when you know good farmers are being looked after and fairly paid, the chocolate just tastes more delicious.

  • Does Cadbury Dairy Milk contain palm oil?

    We’re proud to report that there is no palm oil in our Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate that we make and sell in New Zealand. We do use a very small amount of palm oil in some of our fillings and inclusions (mostly crèmes, caramels and wafers) where there is no substitute. The limited amount of palm oil used in these instances comes from certified sustainable palm oil sources. Cadbury is proud to be taking a lead through the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which develops and enforces standards for sustainable palm oil production.

  • Why aren’t you making blocks of Cadbury® Dairy Milk® Milk Chocolate in New Zealand anymore?

    So that we can make the most delicious products possible, we have made key manufacturing sites specialist producers of certain products. This allows those sites to concentrate on excellence and it also gives them time to create new and exciting treats which are then sold across New Zealand and Australia. Here at our Dunedin factory, we specialise in making boxed chocolates such as Roses, Continental and Milk Tray. We also manufacture Kiwi favourites such as Buzz Bar, Chocolate Fish, Pinky bars, Jaffas and Pebbles. Cadbury has invested more than $70 million in New Zealand due to it being a key manufacturing site in the global network.

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