Cadbury Chocolate Finger Ice Cream Terrine

Make this impressive and easy chocolate finger terrine to impress your friends. Use any leftover biscuit pieces and ice cream combined to make cookies and cream ice cream for another day!

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• 3 cups, approximately, Creamy Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream

• 4 cups, approximately, Chocolate Ice Cream

• 2-3 x 125g packets CADBURY Milk Chocolate Fingers

• 250g strawberries

• 2-3 tablespoons caster sugar, to taste


LINE a 21cm x 11cm loaf pan with baking paper. Layer Fingers rounded side down, end to end across the bottom of the pan. Spoon over the vanilla ice cream and spread gently to level. Top with another layer of Fingers and a layer of chocolate ice cream. Finish with a final layer of Fingers then cover with plastic wrap and freeze until firm.
PUREE the strawberries with sugar to make a sauce and refrigerate until required.
SLICE the terrine and place onto serving plates with a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Serve immediately.

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