Be Treatwise

Chocolate and other confectionery products have been loved and enjoyed by people across the world for centuries. The first chocolate bar was created in the UK in 1847 and since then, innovations in modern manufacturing and the creativity of our people have produced many of the brands we know and love today.

For many of us, confectionery isn’t just a product; it’s so much more than that. We love it because of its delicious taste and the way it can be used to create a whole world of delightful inventions.

Most people already have chocolate as an occasional treat. But sometimes knowledge isn’t easy to turn into action, which is why Be treatwise is looking at ways in which we can help educate consumers and support families with better treating behaviour.​

cadbury treatwise

As a founding member of Be Treatwise in Australia and New Zealand, we display the Be Treatwise visual logo on the front of every Cadbury block and bar, reminding consumers that confectionery like ours should be enjoyed as a treat.

 The Be treatwise logo on the front of our packs encourages people to understand the daily energy intake and nutritional information panel on the back of our products. Our nutritional information panels are clear to read and give information on recommended serving size and percentage daily intakes (%DIs).

Visit for more information on how to enjoy your treats as part of a balanced lifestyle.

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